Love is… Letting go!

Letting go…
Of the past,
Of the future.

Letting go…
Of fears and inhibitions,
Of notions of right and wrong.

Letting go…
Of yourself,
Of those that you love!


All I got is love,
I know it might not be enough…
But, all I got is love!


As I contemplate the completion of another trip around the sun, flying through time on this little rock of a spaceship. The vastness of it all overwhelms mi, once again for a moment I catch a glimpse of my insignificance, and yet, the most significant thing to mi is my being.

Thank you Life, I have had good teachers :)

Cripples, bastards and broken things

Every year past the summer solstice they met, it was something of a ritual. They had known each other for many a years now, too many years to care about counting anymore. In years past there were occasions when one would hear them heatedly debating things of grave importance, speaking over each other, each trying to be louder than the other, like a murder of crows. But as the years had passed, leaving wrinkles in their wake, these occasions had turned more somber. Little left to debate about, comfortably silent in the company of a known other, they sat savouring the dragon flame.

“I am in love with broken things!”, declared the cripple to the bastard.

The bastard did not look up from his drink. He seemed engrossed in his contemplation of the dragon flame contained in a finely crafted cut glass. Given it’s odd concave shape, it should have qualified as a goblet but it did not have a stem. At any rate, a funny glass to be drinking whiskey out of, thought the cripple. While the bastard continued to slowly rotate the glass, silently marking the passage of time, who knows what went on in his head.

Looking for more of a reaction, the cripple raised his voice a notch, “I am in love with broken things!”

The bastard looked up, deep into the cripple’s eyes, perhaps his soul. Like the sweat that dripped from the glass, like the sound of ice cubes crumbling into the shimmering dragon flame, he spoke in a whisper dark.

“Old chap, you do realize, broken things often come with sharp edges.”

And the stemless goblet, it just kept rotating.



Game of Thrones ~ Game of Thrones

The Great Gatsby (2013 Film) ~ The Great Gatsby (2013 – Film)

Unfortunate lines

Everyone wants a piece of you,
She says,
I just need a little peace,
Mi says,

The wind in your hair,
The dust in your mouth,
Those sweaty soiled clothes,
Clean your brains,

She said,
Said the road to mi!


In conversation with Eir.
Gratitude to Shanks for the title.

That we do not speak of…

“Under and behind and inside everything the man took for granted, something horrible had been growing.”


The Author ~ Chuck Palahniuk ~ Wiki

The Book ~ Fight Club ~ Wiki

The Movie ~ Fight Club ~ Wiki


You know, the likes of…

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But is there a point, I wonder? The cynic in mi says that, it is all already a cargo cult 😐

Cargo Cult – Wiki

Oh yeah! Color mi a cynic, am not skeptical anymore!

To the ultimate truth

“Love & life belongs to great risk.”


The Author ~ Chuck Palahniuk ~ Wiki

The Book ~ Fight Club ~ Wiki

The Movie ~ Fight Club ~ Wiki



Just as an object cannot cast a shadow in absolute darkness, so it is unable to cast one in absolute light. Light and Darkness are both needed to form these dancing shadows, these dancing shadows that keep mi company in my cave.

They are inseparable often indistinguishable, where one ends the other starts, in contiguous infinite circles they dance, they dance the dance of living.

To Him and to Her, my Gods, my teachers and my friends, to Life and to Death thank you, thank you for making it possible.

sic transit gloria mundi